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Safety Groups

What is a Safety Group?

A Safety Group is a collection of companies that share a trade or industry, and therefore share similar work conditions and hazards. In a safety group, these companies pool their workers compensation premiums and claims, spreading and mitigating financial risk. Profits are returned to members as dividends.

A New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) safety group protects your business by spreading the risk. Even if your business experiences high losses one year, it's likely that other businesses in the safety group have not, so spreading the risk and lowers your costs and keeps you protected.

The NYSIF safety group program is fully insured, so members will never be assessed for additional premiums in a given plan year. This makes the program safe and beneficial from a financial and practical perspective for employers.

Benefits of Safety Groups

  • Cash dividends
  • Negotiated low costs
  • Safety and loss control analysis
  • Experience Modification Rating (EMR) analysis
  • Premier claims oversight

Who are We?

Our Safety Group branch has been in business over 30 years, and we employee staff with over 40 years of experience in safety group management. 

We manage two safety groups. Please click below to see information about our Safety Group related to your industry:


            Masters Association of Metal Finishers                                         New York Glass Association

                                 Safety Group #476                                                                                Safety Group #547