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New York Glass Association Safety Group #547

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Upfront Discount = 25%

Current Dividend = 20%

Over $21 Million in Dividends Paid


This NYSIF Safety Group for the Long Island and New York Glass Associations has historically offered 23.25% dividends (averaged over the past 10 years). 


  • 25% Discount
  • Premier Claims Oversight
  • Safety and Loss Control Analysis
  • Experience Modification Rating (EMR) Analysis

Who is Eligible?

Your company may be eligible if you fall under the following class codes:

  • 4101 Glass Mfg. NOC
  • 4130 Glass Merchant
  • 4133 Stained Glass Window Mfg.
  • 5102 Door, Door Frame of Sash Erection
  • 5403 Carpentry NOC
  • 5462 Glazier - Away from Shop
  • 5538 Sheet Metal Work Erection Installation or Repair NOC
  • 8391 Auto Gasoline Station NOC

How Can I Get Started?


 To get started, we will ask you to provide

  • Currently valued loss runs (no more than 45 days old) for at least 5 years, including expiring
  • Copy of the latest/prior year’s audit as payroll verification document.  If audit is not available NYS-45 forms for the last four quarters.

New Ventures are acceptable.

Contact Sandra Porpora today for a quote:

Phone:      716-675-2100 ext. 170
Email: [email protected]