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Employee Benefits

Paul Hammond

Phone: 716-675-2100 ext. 160
Email: [email protected]

A comprehensive employee benefit plan enhances the attractiveness of your business and helps you retain your most highly qualified and talented employees. That’s quite a challenge with the return of double digit rate increases in health insurance premiums; unquestionably the single largest employee cost barring payroll.

Professional Services

Our goal at  Aebly & Associates is to design or help redesign a comprehensive employee benefits package that fits the overall strategy of your company while never losing sight of the fact that our partnership with you is formed to serve the needs of your employees and their families i.e. your most valuable asset.

As an independent consultant/broker you have the security of knowing that our only interest is in satisfying your company’s needs. We have extensive experience in assisting companies in the design, implementation and administration of health and welfare plans and affiliations with over 50 highly rated insurance carriers and service providers to help further your goals.

Administrative and Consulting Services 

Through our organizational structure and affiliated relationships,we specialize in a spectrum of employee benefit and other peripheral services to assist our clients in establishing the most dynamic and competitive benefit programs. Some examples of the services we provide include:

  • Benefit Plan Analysis, Evaluation & Strategic Plan Design
  • Consulting and Research Services
  • Development of the most cost / beneficial strategies for reducing benefit costs
  • Various Employee Benefit Outsourcing Services
  • FASB 106 Alternatives for Relieving Expensive Post Retirement issues
  • Electronic Enrollments & Communications
  • Worksite Benefits
  • Risk Management Consulting, Worker’s Compensation and Related Insurance Services
  • Product / Carrier Searches and Comparisons
  • Labor Negotiations – Primarily as they relate to benefit issues